Anatolij Katz in Concert 

Rome, 21st of March, 1994

M.Glinka: Variations  on the Russian folk song In the middle of the doline

A.Borodin: Pétite Suite: Au Couvent;  Intermezzo; Mazurka (in C major);
Mazurka (D flat major); Reverie;  Sérénade; Nocturne

M.Glinka: Variations on the Bellini' theme from Montecchi e Capuleti

P.I.Ciajkovskij: Six pieces from The Seasons op. 37. March: The song of the
Lark; May: The nights of May June: Barcarolle; August: The reaping;
October: Fall's  song; December: Christmas

Ciajkovskij- Rachmaninov:Ninnananna

S.Rachmaninov: Italian Polka (1° Encore)

I.Dunaevskij: Perpetuum Mobile (2° Encore)

D.Sostakovic: Walz-Scherzo and Galop of the little organ (from the Puppet's
dance) (3° Encore)