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Nina Dorliak, the partner of Sviatoslav Richter, passed on May 17, 1998 - just some months after the death of the Maestro (1st August 1997).

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A short Biography

Nina L'vovna Dorliak was born in S.Petersburg on July 7, 1908.

She was the daughter of the renowned singer Ksenya Dorliak, teacher at the Moscow Conservatory.
She learned the art of singing at the Conservatory through her mother. Her career started in 1935, as a chamber singer. In 1947 she became Professor at the Moscow Conservatory.

Her most renowned pupils are Galina Pissarenko and Elena Bryleva.

She gave many concerts in Russia and abroad, mainly in the chamber singing repertoire, in which are to be found Italian composers as Scarlatti, or French (such as Debussy), and the Russian classical authors like Glinka, Musorgsky, Rachmaninov, Prokofiev, Shostakovitch.

In 1946, she met Sviatoslav Richter and became his partner until the death of the Maestro on  August 1st, 1997. She accompanied Richter both in his complex live and career for more than fifty years, supporting him in his last sickness. She was not able to survive to the death of her partner for more than a few months.

Today, May 20, 1998, her obsequies will take place at Moscow, after the last farewell in the Conservatory Great Hall. 

She leaves to us a legacy of many recordings, in duo with Sviatoslav Richter too, with whom she sung Schumann, Prokofiev and Musorsgky.

According to her last will, all the artistic objects (Pictures, books and scores, musical instruments) of their home will be given to the Moscow Puskin Museum.