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Sviatoslav Richter on Prokofiev

Here we publish an integration of a text already published in English in the Internet: "On Prokofiev", by Sviatoslav Richter  http://users.bluecarrots.com/rossik/, unfortunately today unavailable).

Our text is composed by a Foreword, a translation in English from the Russian of an episode missing in the above quoted text, and a set of notes, containing  some personal recollection about Prokofiev, Richter and Neuhaus by the author Valerij Voskobojnikov. Translation and editing are by Lorenzo Seno.

We hope that our work can help the reader in better appreciating and understanding the Richter's text, which often implicitly refers to circumstances, events and concepts not so familiar to the western reader.  

Here you can also find the complete Heinrich Neuhaus' discography. Other documents will come soon.

The voice and music of Lev Tolstoy

In a separate page, some interesting documents about  the Russian writer.


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On Prokofiev


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About Prokofiev

Here you can find pictures related to the text.

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Prokof'ev Book

The Prokof'ev's "Soviet Diary" is available on line:

S.Prokof'ev, Soviet Diary 1927 and Other Writings
(Oleg Prokof'ev, Christopher Palmer, Editors)
Hardcover , Northeastern Univ. Pr. (January 1992)

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