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In this column you can find classical music mp3 files. The excerpts are complete, and files are of High Quality, Stereo, 44.100 Hz sampling frequency,  96 Kbit/sec.

Please avoid any attempt to hear at them directly as streaming, unless you are connected to the Internet via ADSL or better. Download them instead.


Mp3 files

Anatolij Katz

For the newcomer.

Mp3 are audio files compressed from 4 to 70 times with respect to the original, 16 Bit, 44.1 KHz CD quality ones. Compression is achieved by withdrawing details that are more or less hardly perceivable, then efficiently coding the remaining information. Audio quality depends on the compression ratio (more compression means worse quality), on the encoder quality, finally on the kind of music. It doesn't instead depend on the decoder. 

In order to be able to listen at these files, you need a mp3 decoder (a software in your computer) or a mp3 player (a sort of walkman by which you can listen mp3 files when walking around). 

A page about audio, image and video compression.

Listening at Heinrich Neuhaus

On Youtube you can find several interpretations by Heinrich Neuhaus,

Heinrich Neuhaus on Youtube.

By the courtesy of Maestro Katz.

A.Borodin,  Pétite Suite.

P.I.Ciajkovskij: from Seasons op. 37: June - Barcarolle; August - The reaping.



These files can be freely copied and reproduced for personal use and for your friends, provided that  no profit nor commercial use is made. They must also be left unchanged in their original form.

Commercial or profit use needs instead the agreement of the performers.

All these files are featured in this column by the courtesy of the performers.