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Rchtauto.JPG (20955 byte)I am very cheerful that the young disciples of the school of Heinrich Neuhaus in the capital city of Italy had the courage of choosing just me as their president. I wish the future Italian musicians of great successes, a lot of love for music, and a fruitful work. I give a friendly greeting.

Sviatoslav Richter

We could browse through a voluminous notebook in which the Master marks his whole repertoire, adding every day a new work as soon as he performed it: a list of thousands of excerpts of any century and any composer. Recently Richter has  prepared thirteen new programs by J.S. Bach alone. Speaking about the problems of teaching the piano, the Master almost justifies initiatives like the concert just performed, a teaching for all those, young and less young, who listened to him. Richter teaches in this way, with the example of  his intense care for the construction of the program, with the inexhaustible musical curiosity, having an absolutely disinterested relationship with music, and with the generous every day searching for a new audience, far from the big institutional circuits of music.

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