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Some of the pictures found in the original soviet textbook containing the article "On Prokofiev", by Sviatoslav Richter.

ConSviatoslavEOlegPiccola_th.jpg (1217 bytes)

S.S. Prokofiev with his sons  Sviatoslav and Oleg. Summer 1930

LinaProkofevaConFiglioOlegPiccola_th.jpg (1023 bytes)

Lina Ivanovna
Ljubera Prokofieva
(first wife of
S.S. Prokofiev)
and his son Oleg

ConMiraPiccola_th.jpg (868 bytes)

S.S. Prokoiiev and
Mira Aleksandrovna Mendel'son-
Prokofieva. Ivanovo 1945

ProkofevERostropovichPiccola_th.jpg (737 bytes)

S.S. Prokofiev and Mstislav Rostropovic. Moscow 1952

ProkofevA62anniPiccola_th.jpg (606 bytes)

S.S. Prokofiev. Nikolina Gora. Fall 1952