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visitors since October, 16th, 2000

Anatolij Katz was born in Leningrad (today  St.Petersburg), where he accomplished his musical study tasks at the "Rimskij-Korsakov" Conservatory. Then he went to Moscow were he got his high degree at the "Ciajkovskij" Conservatory, with the Teacher Nina Emel'janova, who was a Heinrich Neuhaus' pupil. During 1961 he won the "Pansoviet piano competition" and in 1963 the International competition "Prague Spring".
The huge repertoir of Anatolij Katz encompasses the baroque as well the contemporary music. He gives solo concerts, with and without orchestra, and chamber music performances. He regularly works with the violinist Igor Ojstrach, and used to work in the past also with the cellists Mstislav Rostropovic and  Svjatoslav Knussevizkij. He gave tours in Japan, Europe, URSS. He also made many recordings of his performances.

He teaches solo piano at the State Conservatory of the Russian Town Saratov, where he also is the soloist at the city Philarmonic Orchestra. He was one of the promoters of the first Russian festival devoted to Heinrich Neuhaus.
Starting from some years ago, he often comes to Italy, hosted by various Musical Societies, where he holds many Master Classes and gives several public performances.

In his Diary, talking about a competition at the Moscow Conservatory, Heinrich Neuhaus wrote: "When listening the Anatolij Katz' performances, I can feel a great deal of gratification. He is a true musician, having noble feelings, and he makes use of his instruments in a perfect way."

These excerpts are part of a Concert that Katz gave in Rome, in 21st of March, 1994. Click here to see the complete program. 

All these files are Mp3 Stereo 44100 96 Kbit/sec High Quality.


Aleksandr Borodin

Piotr Ilic Ciajkovskij

From the "Pétite Suite":

1 -Au Couvent. 4.5 Mbyte.

2 -Intermezzo. 2.7 Mbyte.

3 -Mazurka (C Major). 2.7 Mbyte.

4 -Mazurka (D  flat major). 3.1 Mbyte.

5 -Reverie. 1.9 Mbyte.

6 -Serenade. 1.4  Mbyte.

7 - Nocturne. 2.6 Mbyte.

Live Recording  - Rome 1994

From "The Seasons" op. 37:

6 - June - Barcarolle. 3.5 Mbyte. 

8 - August - The reaping. 2.7 Mbyte.






Live Recording  - Rome 1994