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Lev Tolstoy

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The voice of Lev Tolstoy

Tolstoy and Thomas Alva Edison met in 1908, when Edison gave to the Russian writer a gift: one of his wax phonographs, the Ediphone. Tolstoy became soon an enthusiastic user of this device,  and recorded several of his letters and a few novels. We put here a couple of them, very short in time: "The wolf", which is the vegetarian "manifesto" of the writer, and "The force of childhood".

The wolf

The force of childhood

by the voice of Tolstoy

(mp3 526 Kbyte, 11025 Hz, 16 bit, 
32Kbps, Jstereo)

by the voice of Tolstoy

(mp3 1.744 Kbyte, 11025 Hz, 16 bit, 
32Kbps, Jstereo)

Transcription (coming soon)

Transcription (coming soon)


The music of Lev Tolstoy

Tolstoy's only known musical composition was this Waltz in F which was written down by the Russian pianist and composer Alexander Goldenweiser after it had been played to him by the composer in February 1906.

Lev Tolstoy, Waltz in F. Imogen Cooper, pianoforte. Piano Stenway model B.
(from the "Unpublished Recordings" of  "The British library Sound archive")
Here the waltz performed by several pianists on Youtube  (2018).
A short note, and the score (requires the Scorch plug-in) from http://www.nymetmusic.com

Tolstoy Waltz score in pdf: TolstojWaltz