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This page is maintained by a group of pupils, scholars and followers of Heinrich Neuhaus.

Maestro Sviatoslav Richter gave us a strong encouragement. Thanks to Vladimir Ashkenazy, Radu Lupu, Miliza Neuhaus and Roman Vlad for support and encouragement.

Active supporters: Valerij Voskobojnikov, Amilda BonfantiLorenzo Seno,  Ricardo Donati, Flavia Marzullo,  Manuela Scognamiglio, Giorgio Spolverini, Sasha Bajcic, Paola Pegan, Giorgio Ceccarelli-Paxton.

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August 1st, 1997: The death of Sviatoslav Richter.
Testimonies, documents and souvenirs.

May 17, 1998: The singer Nina Dorliak, from fifty years partner of the Maestro Richter, passed away. Short biography

August 22, 2005:
Recollection of Lev Naumov

September 8, 2008: Miliza Neuhaus passed away.

In this column:
Downloadable piano and chamber music in mp3 format.

By courtesy of the Performers.

The blog about Sviatoslav Richter, by Corrado Grandis. Plenty of documents, pictures, discography, ...




Foreword, integration and notes to the Richter's text "On Prokofiev".

By Valerij Voskobojnikov and Lorenzo Seno 

More: the complete H.Neuhaus' discography

Tolstoy voice and music 

In this page we will try to monitor  situation and on-line availability of the renowned Neuhaus book "The art of piano playing"

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The Prokof'ev "Soviet Diary" available on-line

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"The Russian Piano School" by Christopher Barnes

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and here

Heinrich Neuhaus was piano teacher in Moscow until his death, in 1964.

He was the teacher of many great pianists: Sviatoslav Richter, Emil Gilels, Radu Lupu and many others.

This site is devoted to his memory and to his numerous pupils around the world.






A short H.Neuhaus' biography can be found in the Neygauz Museum site.

H.Neuhaus on wikipedia

A recollection by Nina Svetlanova.

Piano Competitions:
our starting point. How to find them on the Internet.

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Here our findings about Neuhaus' recordings on-line resellers.

A movie about Stanislav Neuhaus in his 80th anniversary. Produced by Irina Leble, directed by Vladislav Bykov, in Russian. Click here to download

On January 21 2017 when sleeping Anatolij Katz passed away because of an heart stroke.

Our beloved friend performed many concerts for us in Italy.

He was born in Leningrad in July 10 1936, where he lived attending musical school. He then moved to the Saratov Conservatory and subsequently to the Moscow Conservatory, where he attended to the Nina Emel’janova classes.

Here a souvenir by some of his friends on youtube.

Here some further infos and downloadable performances by him.

Valerij Voskobojnikov at Vatican Radio.

Here mp3 files of radio casts about  Neuhaus school and about Sofronitzkji (in Italian)

Marilena Seminara on Šostakovič at Vatican Radio

Tape cut for the official site devoted to the recollection of Yuri Ahronovitch. Documents, video, pictures, music.

Proceedings of the Shostakovitch Conference (Udine, 2005), with a paper by Valerij Voskobojnikov. In Italian, English and Russian)

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